Ila Dani

Date of birth: 1986
Location: Netherlands, Amsterdam
Medium: Digital fashion illustrator


Amsterdam based illustrator Requilia, known as Ila Dani, has been drawing since she was little. Her passion for fashion and sketching bloomed into a one of a kind type of art and she's now known for her fashion illustrations that are often inspired by Instagram trends.


"I get inspired by everything around me. From my kids, the mood I am in, anything. That's why my work is quite diverse. Fun kid prints, abstract or fashion, that's all very Ila Dani."


Ila Dani used to draw and paint on paper and canvas but now works mostly on her iPad.


"It always starts with a sketch, usually on paper and then I complete it on my iPad. I love the endless possibilities the iPad brings. Different layers, different textures. Also, when I mess something up, I can easily redo it!"


Ila Dani has created one bespoke artwork based on her favourite image from our Pre-Autumn 2020 lookbook.

'Together We Stand'

"I used an image from the Baum und Pferdgarten lookbook as my inspiration. I love it when I see a picture that makes me want to draw immediately, like this one."











More from the artist

Ila Dani's displays her artworks on Instagram. If you wish to purchase an original piece you can contact her via Instagram Direct Message.

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