Focus Areas

To help us become a more ethical and responsible company we have identified five important focus areas. For each area we have set specific commitments and goals that we must reach before our 25th anniversary in 2024. We have milestones in 2022 that will act as checkpoints and make sure our progress is on track.

Our five focus areas include transparency, creating forward-thinking products, minimizing plastics, ethical and fair working conditions, and customer engagement.


Collaboration and knowledge sharing are vital. We no longer have the luxury of keeping valuable information exclusively for our benefit. Therefore, we will publicly share our CSR work, map our suppliers, be open and engage in dialogue ensuring a solid foundation while minimising our impact.




 Forward-Thinking Products

We will implement best practices to create better products suitable for a better future. Carefully managing our chemicals, setting strict requirements and discontinuing those that do harm, ensures the safety of both our customers, workers and the environment. Clearly defining our criteria of a sustainable product, what makes the better fibre choice, and using full-circle thinking in our design process help us make the best and most informed decisions.




We must evaluate the way our products are handled during shipping and think smart to reduce our plastic use and reconsider the use of synthetic fibres. We have signed the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's global commitment for a new plastic economy committing ourselves to be a positive contributor in a worldwide partnership.



 Ethical & Fair

We demand that all people in our supply chain are treated with respect and be free from any discrimination or unfair treatment. Every worker must be paid in accordance with their efforts and skills, not based on who they are. When animals are used in our production, we will ensure they are treated with dignity and respect based on the Five Freedoms standard.




 Customer Engagement

We cannot do it alone, and it will be our mission to inform our customers on how to use our products in the best way possible. We want to obtain this by giving proper instructions to care for the garments, providing our customers with the possibility of repairing a damaged garment and lastly encourage sharing and re-selling.