Simon Vestford

Date of birth: 1986
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Medium: Graphic Design / Paper


Simon makes handmade layered paper art - his artworks are held in place only by their frames.


“Paper is strong, vulnerable, flexible and rigid all at the same time, it takes great patience to work with. Being wild and impulsive in a controlled process is a delicate balance, so cutting errors, or a wrong colour choice, can actually give a work a new life."


Simon's work breaks the traditional definition of paper craft - he uses paper as paint. His angular lines and shadows formed through the layers of paper give his works a dynamic and exciting expression that changes in relation to the light.


"I always start with a direct reference, it can be a photo I like or a composition. I cut away the background and any features I don’t need and focus on what I want to show. It takes 3-4 hours to draw the final version and then I start to divide the colours into seperate layers. It's a very hard process, because I have to reduce and cut out things, but this is what defines my style."


Simon has created three bespoke artworks, all based on his favourite images from our Pre-Autumn 2020 lookbook.

Baum und Pferdgarten Art Simon Vestford Duo


"Based on the collection name 'Back To Back', I knew that I needed to make an artwork with two models and for me, this flower dress is the jewel of the collection, so I just had to try it. What was hard about it, was to make sure all the details came into place without having to make 100 layers, so I'm quite happy with the result."







Baum und Pferdgarten Art Simon Vestford Blue


"I chose this image because I saw a lot of energy in a very small space, and I wanted to try and recreate that. I remember thinking the pattern was a swirl, before I realised that it was shells, so that’s why I recreated it like a swirl. Blue and Purple are my absolute favourite colours to use, so this was a treat for me to do."










Baum und Pferdgarten Art Simon Vestford Yellow


"I knew I had to try and recreate this image because of the complicated texture in the coat. I wanted to reproduce the fabric in a minimalistic way, adding as much detail in as few layers as possible. I really like how the original photo was very authoratative, even though she is just a young woman, and I wanted to underline that."










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