Customer Engagement

Involving our customers is necessary if we want to ensure the ultimate longevity of our products. We will encourage the proper care of our garments and ensure our products are used for as long as possible. We also have a duty to make sure that our products are disposed of in a responsible way.

Take back - complying with SDG # 12

To reduce waste and keep materials in a closed-loop system for as long as possible, we will develop a take-back system. Our customers will be able to return unusable Baum und Pferdgarten garments in return for store credit. We will handle returned garments by either up-cycling them or by re-entering them into a closed system.

To further increase the likelihood of returning garments, we encourage the use of other existing garment collecting initiatives that allow the hand-in unwanted clothes. Ultimately we want to prevent unwanted clothes from going to landfill. 

Implement a product take-back programme by 2024.

Collaboration - complying with SDG # 12

We value collaboration, and in the long-term, we will meet with established tailors to explore the possibility of a repairing scheme. We will also collaborate with smaller artisans to find new and exciting ways to provide new value to old garment. We further wish to collaborate with customers and other companies within our field to join sustainability initiatives and together explore how we can better benefit our environment.

2 annual CSR workshops will take place.


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