Ethical & Fair

It is our responsibility to take care of the people who contribute to the making of our products and to have diversity in our supply chain. Our Code of Conduct, combined with an open dialogue with our suppliers, make sure that working together with us is always for a fair wage and under proper conditions - honest work for honest pay.

The obligation towards fair treatment goes for every living being in our supply chain, and when animals are part of our production, we do our utmost to make sure that they are treated with dignity with the use of our Animal Welfare Policy.

Human Rights & Honest Work - complying with SDG #10

We collaborate and engage in dialogue with suppliers through our supply chain to secure proper working conditions, fair wages, a healthy work-life balance, and pay for overtime. We must make sure we set realistic requirements. Therefore, we engage in conversation with our suppliers to discuss realistic lead times and deadlines. We always pay our suppliers on time and do not demand unreasonably low prices, to ensure that workers are paid fairly and on time.

We want people to be free from any discrimination based on age, cultural heritage, nationality, sexuality, religion or gender. We demand that people throughout our supply chain are paid according to their qualifications and have equal possibilities to grow. We have zero-tolerance for any harassment and persecution of any kind. All of this is encompassed in our Human Rights Policy and Code of Conduct.

100% of our suppliers have signed our Code of Conduct and Human Rights policy.

Animal Welfare - complying with SDG #12

We have a preference for materials and fibres from animals due to their high quality, durability and their ability to age with beauty. Therefore, when using materials from animals, we take on the responsibility to make sure that they are treated with respect and without any cruelty.

Our Animal Welfare Policy defines and sets high standards for the proper treatment of animals. In no way do we accept any form of animal abuse, such as mulesing, live-plucking or force-feeding.

For further details see our Animal Welfare Policy.


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