Tone Linghult

Date of birth: 1983
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Medium: Glass artist


Tone Linghult is a recent graduate from Stockholm's Konstfack University. During her time there she investigated and developed a sculpture technique that combines glass-blowing and sculpting with steel mesh.


"I have always felt an urge to give feelings a physical form, a body outside of mine. By experimenting with materials I found a way to recreate my fascination with the human mind and how we interact with each other."


Tone's process begins by photographing herself or a model, to find a pose that embodies the feeling or memory that she wants to express. She then sculpts a human form from steel mesh which she blows hot glass into. Once the glass has cooled she either keeps the mesh as a skin on the sculpture, or removes it completely.


"I was immediately inspired by the collaboration between the two artists Jane and Jane. I wanted to make something that symbolizes two strong individuals who meet and overlap."


Tone has created one bespoke artwork, inspired by our yellow Daenarys coat and orange Liza hat from our Pre-Autumn 2020 collection.


"I worked with the mesh as if it were a piece of fabric and sculpted into a jacket. After many hours of sculpting the mold, it was time to blow molten glass into it (I love this moment, when the sculpture is hot and in motion). I then removed the steel mesh and cut and polished the glass piece into its final form."







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Tone's artworks are displayed and available to purchase on her website

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