Flagship Store Design



Introducing our redesigned flagship store in Copenhagen - the new #BaumFamily home!

“We wanted to create a conceptual space that’s familiar yet new and exciting, where you feel instantly at home. Our new store is a haven in the center of busy Copenhagen.”
Creative Directors, Helle Hestehave and Rikke Baumgarten

The starting point was to create a communal home for the #BaumFamily, creating a space that reflects everyday life. Designed and curated by Studio 0405 and Nikolaj Lorentz Mentze, the space represents four everyday living spaces: the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom - all connected by two intersecting walkways of walk-in wardrobes. The rooms are tied together by an overhead round lighting structure - giving the sense of being on a film or tv set, and the feeling that the structure could rotate to reveal the various rooms. Mirrors are cleverly placed to draw in the natural light and reflect the spaces, giving glimpses into the other rooms.


Positioned to the side of the store, where stainless steel meets warm wood and canvas, the kitchen is defined by a long communal table. “At the heart of any home lies the kitchen, so it was important for us to have a space where people could sit at a shared table and enjoy a coffee, or grab a beer from the fridge, and feel right at home”.

Make sure to peek into the bathtub in the bathroom, home to our four goldfish. As well as adding some real life into the store, the idea was to reflect the architecture of a city, where within the building scapes are little courtyards and gardens, injecting greenery and life into the cityscape.


Take a pause in the living room and sit by the fire, or flip through a book from Helle and Rikke's personal collection in the custommade sunken armchair. Hygge takes form in this corner of the store, where you truly feel at home.

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