Shaka’s philosophy of creating footwear for any terrain proved to bethe perfect match for the Pre-Autumn 2022 collection ‘Post-ModernExplorer’. Baum und Pferdgarten’s collection is inspired by the 1912 painting "A Mountain Climber", by Jens Ferdinand Willumsen, a ground breaking piece of art that challenged both the traditional representation of women and the painting style of the era. This union with nature and the meeting of feminine and masculine was the starting point for the collaboration between the two brands.

Designed with both the city and the forest in mind, the sandals are amore graphic, clean take on Shaka’s classic trekker sandals. Rendered in a vibrant green and a bright blue, the tonal colours of each style sit differently on the materials of the shoe, creating a sense of depth. A cleverly crafted special edition logo that combines the signatures of both brands is a playful and subtle embellishment.

Jolly Green

Ocean Cavern