Susannah Garrod

Date of birth: 1982
Location: Isle of Anglesey, North Wales
Medium: Illustrator


Susannah is a British artist and illustrator working within the world of fashion. She has exhibited with Fashion Illustration Gallery, London and has been featured in magazines such as Italian Bazaar, Vogue and Brides magazine.


"I often work from memory and imagination - making the most of 'artistic license' to create artwork that rallies against perfection in a digital age. The process of putting paint on paper often creates results that may surprise and excite me, informing the direction my artwork might go - something impossible to replicate digitally when every stroke is predetermined. Ultimately I want to add a little charm to the everyday."


Susannah has created two bespoke artworks, inspired by our Tiger Shell print from Pre-Autumn 2020.

'The Tiger Shell'

"I was immediately inspired by Baum und Pferdgarten's Pre-Autumn collection and a shared appreciation of the works of Jane Wilson and Jane Freilicher. I felt an affinity with their coastal landscapes (living by the sea myself) and Wilson's method of painting from the 'mind's eye'."




'She Was Of The Sea'

"This was an opportunity to express the scale and the colours I witness in my own 'seascapes', whilst inviting the viewier in by adding a personal response to the collection and exploring ideas inspired by the beautiful Tiger Shell print."





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Susannah's artworks are displayed and available to purchase on her website.

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