Product & Material Policy


Nothing defines a Baum und Pferdgarten product better than its longevity, and this is always our ultimate goal. It is a crucial task for us to design beyond the next season while maintaining a harmonious balance with the wellbeing of our planet, high social standards and a fair treatment of animals.

With immense respect for our choices and the impacts we make, we strive to design and use materials honestly and responsibly. By using a closed-loop mindset, we aim to improve all processes and reduce our impacts; be it at the farmer that grows our cotton, the seamstress creating our garments or the woman wearing her dress and how she returns it when it is no longer usable.

We consider the overall longevity of the product and approach the development based on a short-lived and long-lived perspective:

  • Short-lived products have certain limitations to the length of their life; they count products such as t-shirts. When designing these products, we prioritise using materials that require as few resources as possible. Just as important, we carefully consider the ability to be recyclable or compostable so that these products do not end up as waste.

  • Long-lived products have the ability to exists for many seasons. While we always strive to choose solutions with the lowest impact, we do not accept the sustainable option if it comes at the cost of longevity. Our primary concern is durability, quality and aesthetics that are relevant for more than one season. Only if a sustainable solution is in harmony with these criteria are they used in our long-lived products. We carefully consider the reparation options to ensure that minor tear does not destroy the whole product and always offer assistance on how to fix damaged products.

  • We are committed to creating forward thinking-products that does not compromise aesthetics, people or planet.

    Our product strategy defines what a sustainable product means to us and the criteria we have to meet to guarantee that we are doing better compared to conventional products. Using it together with our material strategy and benchmarking, we have a framework that helps us create products in a better way.

    A commitment that we honestly share in the hope of being a trustworthy company.