Plastic is a necessary material for us in many aspects, whether it’s making sure our products are protected during transport or as a versatile and strong fabric.

Reducing our use of plastic – complying with SDG # 12

While we cannot terminate entirely the use of plastics today, we are working towards substituting it with better solutions, reduce the use whenever possible and use as much recycled plastics and recycled synthetic fibres as possible.

In our efforts to minimise plastic we have joined The New Plastics Economy initiative founded by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.12 Joining this initiative gives us the fundamental knowledge, network and commitment to eliminate unnecessary plastics while ensuring that all plastic we do use have been recycled, are recyclable and/or are compostable. We will take action to remove plastic packaging, terminate the use of single-use plastics while continuing to become increasingly ambitious and continuously set new goals to further our commitment.

We have already eliminated plastic carrier bags and replaced them with reusable cotton tote bags at our store.

We aim to inform and guide our consumers to proper care and washing of synthetics to help catch micro plastics when washing.

We are going to stop the use of virgin polyester and nylon in our products by 2024 and only use the recycled option.

Furthermore, we are prioritising buying recycled synthetic fibres from recyclers that collect ocean waste plastic to help deal with this crisis.

By 2022 we will have replaced 50% of single-use plastic with recycled or recyclable plastic, 100% by 2024.

Find all our goals and commitments here.