Pre Autumn 2018

Sunrise Slim

The Baum und Pferdgarten Pre Fall 2018 collection is inspired by the iconic photographer Slim Aaron, 1916-2006, a former U.S army photographer. After the war ended Slim turned his eye to the easy living of the american upper class. He would describe his work as “taking pictures of attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places”, Slim Aaron.

“We’ve always had a great fascination of the photographer Slim Aaron. His images are truly amazing because they capture a glorified and secret life that was only kept for the privileged of that time. It has inspired us to create a collection influenced by the easy and carefree life, where summer never seem to end and worries are always far away. We ended up with a collection filled with casual glam”

/ Helle Hestehave & Rikke Baumgarten, Creative Directors.