Environment & Climate Policy


We are in the midst of an environmental crisis, where global warming and other contributors to climate change are on the rise. Therefore, we see no other option than to take appropriate action. We acknowledge we must keep challenging ourselves and the way our business is run to ensure a bright future for our industry, planet and future generations.

We recognize the importance of minimizing our negative impact on the climate, preserving resources and making sure not to compromise biodiversity. We will take action in the way we choose our materials, the way our products are shipped and the packaging it is transported in from start to the end-customer. We will continue to optimize and rethink our measures so that we continuously can better ourselves and be a positive driver of change.

We base our Climate and Environmental policy on the principle of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and work to improve the environment by managing our impact in the following areas:

  • Natural resources, energy, and water.
  • Airborne emissions and releases into water.
  • Noise, odour, and dust emission.
  • Potential and actual soil contamination.
  • Waste management (hazardous and non-hazardous substances).
  • Product issues (design, packaging, transport, use and recycling/disposal).