Spring Summer 2023


Time is of the essence in the Spring Summer 2023 collection, as the creative team dip into the fashion of the most recent decades and explore the concept of time: what is eternal style, what is fashion, and what has permanence in a woman’s sartorial arsenal.

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  1. Asana Dress
    SEK959.60 SEK2,399.00
  2. Mallow Shirt
    SEK679.60 SEK1,699.00
  3. Safia Skirt
    SEK719.60 SEK1,799.00
  4. Alessi Dress
    SEK879.60 SEK2,199.00
  5. Avigail Dress
    SEK1,199.60 SEK2,999.00
  6. Aditri Dress
    SEK1,599.60 SEK3,999.00
  7. Bertha Jacket
    SEK1,959.60 SEK4,899.00
  8. Delta Coat
    SEK1,199.60 SEK2,999.00
  9. Lana Hat
    SEK279.60 SEK699.00
  10. Darla Coat
    SEK2,279.60 SEK5,699.00
  11. Anissa Dress
    SEK1,479.60 SEK3,699.00
  12. Marilu Top
    SEK799.60 SEK1,999.00
  13. Ashaki Dress
    SEK1,119.60 SEK2,799.00
  14. Mabi Blouse
    SEK879.60 SEK2,199.00

14 Products

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