UND Earth

To celebrate Earth Day, and to highlight the importance of clean air, we present a responsible capsule in organic and recycled fabrics.

For each piece sold, we will donate €4 to the NGO Green Transition Denmark, part of Clean Air Europe, who work to reduce air pollution and protect the environment.

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  1. Jimi Sweater
    DKK489.30 DKK699.00
  2. Norina Trousers
    DKK909.30 DKK1,299.00
  3. Mahin Shirt
    DKK979.30 DKK1,399.00
  4. Nolena Shorts
    DKK629.30 DKK899.00
  5. Mone Shirt
    DKK699.30 DKK999.00
  6. Asayo Dress
    DKK1,119.30 DKK1,599.00
  7. Jalo T-shirt
    DKK279.30 DKK399.00

7 Products

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