Diversity & Inclusion Statement


Baum und Pferdgarten creates clothing and accessories for people living all over the world. To ensure we understand and meet the needs of our global customer we must understand and value diversity. We want all our customers to feel beautiful wearing Baum und Pferdgarten no matter their background.

We want to create an inclusive community and workplace, where every ethnicity, religion, sexuality, social background, disability, age and gender feels welcomed and valued.

Inclusivity helps the Baum Family be the best version of itself. The diversity of our Baum Family is a hugely important resource; it helps us make innovative business decisions. Every team member should feel empowered to bring their true selves to work, including their different backgrounds and beliefs. It is a powerful way to approach and solve the challenges Baum und Pferdgarten faces, and it helps us to develop the business.

Diversity is multi-faceted. By understanding it’s value we strive to create equal opportunities for our employees, current and prospective.

We encourage all our employees to be curious and respectful of others, and to constantly educate themselves and the ones around them.

We do not discriminate when hiring. We consider a candidate’s professional background only. We think about what relevant skills they would bring to the company and what value they can add. A candidate’s ethnicity, religion, sexuality, social background, disability, age or gender does not affect this process.