Laura Bohnenberger

Date of birth: 1982
Location: Munich, Germany
Medium: Illustrator


Laura first started sketching women whilst living and working in New York, drawing women she saw in the metro and on the streets. This lead to a passion for portraying "womeness", or "Fraut Euch" in German.


"I try to capture the feminine aura, that which makes a woman shine.There are so many different stunning women that inspire me. My styles changes a lot depending on the medium I'm using, and the way I feel in relation to the women I'm drawing."


Laura draws or illustrates every day. She starts with a specific concept but allows it to evolve as she creates.


"I love loyalty between women, especially creatives. With Jane and Jane one can really see the respect they both had for each other. Their work and personal lives are connected in such a special way. Their friendship lasted until the end, united by their love of the Hamptons and the beach."


Laura has created one bespoke artwork consisting of five paintings, inspired by our Pre-Autumn 2020 collection and the two Janes.

'WE.Am - Waves and Lifelines - a Cycle'

"Jane and Jane always painted during the summer so they could host an exhibition at the end of it. This inspired me to create a series that begins and ends in similar ways, like a cycle. The central painting represents the creativity of both women and how they had each other's backs, working together side by side throughout their lives."









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Laura displays her artworks on Instagram. If you wish to purchase an original piece you can contact her via Instagram Direct Message.

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