Aislinn Finnegan

Date of birth: 1996
Location: London, UK
Medium: Digital Illustrator


Aislinn is a Northern-Irish/Zambian illustrator based in London whose work focuses on the concepts of identity, femininity and race. She is currently reading History of Art at The School of Oriental and African Studies, and spends her time exploring the university library and visiting various contemporary exhibitions that include artists of the African diaspora.


"I feel empowered and inspired by my own experiences of inequalities that prevail in many aspects of my life, within art institutions and popular culture. I use portraiture to create a narrative that celebrates Blackness in all its glory."


With an Afro-futurist approach, Aislinn puts Black women at the forefront, in an effort to normalize Black representation in the art world, while also challenging conventional 'Western' standards of beauty and aesthetics.


"I begin with a sketch which I then scan and develop using Photoshop or Illustrator to create a final outcome. I am always on the lookout for new techniques of creating digital art."


Aislinn has created one bespoke digital artwork that pays homage to Jane Wilson and Jane Frielicher, the two artists who inspired our Pre-Autumn 2020 collection.

'Jane & Jane: Side by Side'

"The women in my painting represent the two Janes, placed side by side to reflect the closeness of their relationship. The striped shirt and parasol are a nod to the coastal landscapes they loved to paint."






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Aislinn's other artworks are displayed and available to purchase online.

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